Our Story

We organized the largest exhibition of ice craving in Thailand

Showcasing various colorful ice carving techniques as well as offering many interesting activities while you’re visiting at the exhibition

When talking about ice carving festival, many people may think of The major city of Heilongjiang Province in the northeast of China, Harbin which has the nickname as 'Pearls on the neck of the swan' and also 'Moscow of the East' Harbin are well known as 'the city of ice' because of the long and cold winter.

But why going all the way to Harbin when you can have a spectacular experience created here by Chiang Mai Ice Carving in Thailand. Enjoy the beauty of the spectacular ice carvings in the cold realm, an area of ​​over 2,000 square meters with cold temperatures of -8 to -15 degrees Celsius. Great for people who have never experienced a cold city.

Get your stylish scarf, cool winter hat, and your beloved boots ready to experience the ice sculpture in various forms which is ready for you to check in, take pictures and enjoy the cold.

Exhibitions and activities

Enjoy beautiful ice carving sculptures in various colors
Take pictures as you are a part of the carved ice
Ice sliding on the wall of China
Activity on an ice rink

Coupon price and conditions

Chiang Mai Ice Carving Ticket Adult
Chiang Mai Ice Carving Ticket Kid
  • 1. 1 Coupon per 1 person/Per round/ 30 minutes per round
  • 2. Peeple with congenital disease such as asthma, heat disease etc. and children 3-7 years old should be under the care of parents.
  • 3. This coupon is valid for CHIANG MAI ICE CARVING SHOW only.
  • 4. The coupon cannot be exchanged or redeemed cash in all cases.
  • 5. CHIANG MAI ICE CARVING SHOW reserve the right to change the conditions without prior notice.

Warnings and regulations

1.Please kindly inform the staff immediately if you have any following conditions and be checking your body's condition while you're visiting the show;
  • - Coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction
  • - Respiratory diseases, asthma, allergic to cold weather
  • - Peripheral artery disease with green fingertip
  • - Diseases with peripheral sensory system problems such as diabetes
  • - Child under 3 year old and elderly people which age over than 60 years old
2. For visiting the show which temperature under -8 °C to -15 °C may effects to health condition so please following the recommendations;
  • - Wearing the clothes, scarf, hat and shoes which suitable for temperature under -8 °C to -15 °C
  • - Kindly be informed that we provide overcoat for you